“Walk The Dog” Art Prints By Paul Escolar (11×17)

Hey Guys! We’ve got some awesomeeee “Walk The Dog” art prints by Paul Escolar available. They were first available at the Thrown: The Art of YoYos art show at Steve Brown’s store, Shoparooni in 2009. Later they were available with the Paul Escolar Duncan FH Zero through YoYoNation when they were originally released in 2011. We’ve unearthed a small amount of these, so be sure to get one before they are gone! Printed on quality card stock, each print measures 11in X 17in. Click here to get yours now!

The Yo-Yo Shop Video Intro

We are so excited to have worked with our good friend Marcelo Bazani to create our new intro(s) for videos! Bazani used the fantastic art character art created by Steven “Swifty Spade” Bryant and brought him to life! Check them out below! Read More

44RPM Rhythm Now in stock!

Introducing 44RPM’s first aluminum yo-yo, Rhythm! Rhythm is the signature model of 44RPM co-founder and multiple World and National Yo-Yo Champion Hank Freeman, so you know it’s competition ready. Rhythm features a silicone pad response system and a clean large/size c string centering ball bearing for modern play and professional tricks. The artwork engraved on each Rhythm was designed by world renowned artist and yo-yo professional Rodrigo “Whip” Yokota which makes these even cooler! Now available in Black, Red, Silver and Blue! Click here to get yours now!

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One Drop Terrarian – In Stock Friday 11/20!

The long awaited One Drop Terrarian is almost here! The Terrarian will be released on 11/20 and will be available here at The Yo-Yo Shop in the following colorways: Surface Grass, Surface Dirt, Crimson, Corruption, and Ice! These will be available in VERY LIMITED quantities so be sure to snag one on Friday before they are gone! Read More

2015 Georgia State Yo-Yo Contest is Tomorrow!

The 2015 Georgia State Yo-Yo Contest takes place tomorrow 10/10 in Atlanta! The Yo-Yo Shop is proud to support this event as a sponsor and can’t wait. Be sure to stop by our table tomorrow and say hi! We’ll have plenty of product available from CLYW, Recess Intl, YoYoFactory, Duncan Toys, 44RPM,  OneDrop YoYos, Catchy Kendama and more! For more info visit the event’s official website at www.georgiayoyocontest.com!

Sebastian Brock Stopped By!

Here at The Yo-Yo Shop we love our customers. So much that we had our friend, National Yo-Yo Champion & Duncan Toys Pro Sebastian Brock stop by the office to hug some of today’s orders as we shipped them out. From us to you with

Now In Stock: Duncan Groove Kendama

Duncan Groove Kendamas are now in stock! A key innovation in this new product is a grooved Tama that allows it to be played like a yo-yo! Each Groove Kendama includes a yo-yo string & kendama string that open a ton of new kendama trick possibilities by combining yo-yo trick elements with kendama trick elements. The Groove Kendama was designed/developed by yo-yo and kendama pros Drew Tetz and Takeshi Kamisato for a whole new kendama experience. Now available in three colorways: white with blue stripes, pink with yellow stripes, and purple with green stripes!

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New CLYW Chief and The Scout Colors Dropping tonight at 10pm!

Today’s a busy day here at The Yo-Yo Shop! And tonight will be even busier with new colorways for @CLYW’s Chief and The Scout dropping at 10pm EST. The Scout will be available in Maiderade, Ash Berry, and Harrison Huricane. Chief will be available in Solid Silver and Solid Blue.

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New CLYW Items Have Arrived!

We just received a kickass shipment of CLYW accessory and apparel products!

Now in stock and available for purchase are:

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Recess – Now In Stock!

We are pumped to be an official retailer of Recess products! In case you haven’t heard, Recess is a new brand owned and operated by National and World Yo-Yo Champion Tyler Severance! Tyler is one of the most passionate and creative yo-yo players we have ever had the pleasure of knowing and know that this passion and creativity go into each and every Recess product. Now available at The Yo-Yo Shop are the Weekend and Joyride yo-yos! Each are available in several vibrant colorways. Click here to get yours now!

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The Yo-Yo Shop Giveaway Weekend Winners!

Big shoutout and thank you to everyone that participated in our first giveaway promotion, The Yo-Yo Shop Giveaway Weekend! Here are the winners!

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Announcing The Yo-Yo Shop Giveaway Weekend!

Everyone loves giveaways and it’s time for our first! Announcing The Yo-Yo Shop Giveaway Weekend! Happening this weekend (8/28-8/30) at here at The Yo-Yo Shop three orders will be chosen at random and will receive a surprise product package worth $50 to $200 added to their original order for free! Read More

Duncan Toys Round 2

Hey Folks!

As we mentioned in a previous blog, we’re replenishing and adding many Duncan Toys products! We just finished adding A LOT more Duncan products and they are now available!

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CLYW Arrives 8/6/15

We are beyond excited to announce that our first shipment of CLYW product will be available for purchase on 8/6/15! As a part of CLYW's triple release right before the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest, this shipment includes three of their newest and most popular models including Orca (Harrison Lee Signature Model), The Scout (Petr Kavka Signature Model), and Bonfire! These will go live on Thursday 8/6/15 at 10pm EST / 7pm PST.

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2015 Southeast Classic Yo-Yo Championship

We want to give a big shoutout to Matthew Wright for running an amazing event this weekend. The event was truly a great success! Many top level competitors were in the house as well as tons of spectators seeing what competitive yo-yo play is all about. This was the first event that we have sponsored and we are so glad we were able to do support this event. We had such a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

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Duncan Toys Round 1

Hey Folks!

We're replenishing and adding many Duncan Toys products this week and over the course of the next week. Keep an eye on the shop in the coming days as we re-stock and increase our product selection including many more products from Duncan Toys!

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The Yo-Yo Shop T-Shirts Are Almost Here!

Many of you have asked how you can help spread the word about The Yo-Yo Shop and now one of the easiest ways is on the way! Show your love for The Yo-Yo Shop with one (or all) of our new t-shirts! Coming soon in two designs and in two different colors! We're crossing our fingers and hope to have them available for purchase at the Southeast Classic Yo-Yo Championship this weekend! Online release soon after here at yo-yoshop.com!


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The Yo-Yo Shop Stickers!

Yeah boyeeee! Stickers! We'll have a few at our Southeast Classic YoYo Championship table next weekend! Stop by. Say hey. Get a free sticker! Instantly become the coolest kid on the block! Won't be at SEC? Don't be bummed, they'll begin shipping with all orders very soon! Shoutout to our friend Chris Simpson for making these happen!

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Tyler Severance Launches New Brand: Recess Intl

We are so stoked right now for our friend Tyler Severance! News recently broke that Tyler has started his own brand, Recess Intl. With three models on the way, and an already killer lineup of players on his sponsored team, players around the world are getting very excited for his new venture.

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Shoutout to the Orlando Yo-Yo Club!

We had such a great day hanging out with the Orlando Yo-Yo Club today! Great players, great people. We are so stoked to be a part of the Orlando yo-yo scene and can't wait to help it grow even bigger than it already is! We put together a quick 15 second clip video showcasing some of the talent that makes up the Orlando Yo-Yo Club. Check it out below!

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Shaqler 2015 – A Definite Must Watch!

This video. Wow. Shaqler is back and ready to take on the AP Division at the 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest taking place next month in Japan. Shaqler’s 2015 lineup consists of John Ando, Atsushi “A2C” Yamada, Takeshi “Maru” Muruyama, and Shu Takada! Shaqler’s 2010 performance blew everyone away was personally our favorite AP freestyle of all time. Read More

Now In Stock: Duncan Chameleo Kendama

Duncan Chameleo Light Up Kendamas are now in stock! These are also known as Torch Kendama. Available in three colors, they light up the night with bright LEDs installed in both the ken and tama. So much fun! Click here to check them out!

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Introducing Our New Mascot!

We are so stoked on how awesome our new mascot turned out! When we reached out to the amazing Steven “Swifty Spade” Bryant, we knew he’d be able to come up with a perfect character/mascot and he definitely delivered! Be sure to keep an eye open as you’ll be seeing this little guy on The Yo-Yo Shop items like stickers, apparel, limited edition products and more coming soon!

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Alec Campbell – CLYW Scout

Team CLYW member Alec Campbell just dropped a new video that is absolutely too good not to watch. Airplane fuselage yo-yo tricks have never looked better…such a good video!

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2015 Southeast Classic YoYo Championship!

We are super excited to be a Platinum Hosting Sponsor of the 2015 Southeast Classic YoYo Championship! The event will take place August 1st in Kennesaw, Georgia! The Southeast Classic is the 2015 qualifying event that seeds into the 2015 US National Yo-Yo Contest

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