Duncan Pro Z Hong Kong Disneyland Monsters University Edition (Full Set of 4)


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Product Description

Product Description and Condition:

Description: Duncan Pro Z Hong Kong Disneyland Monsters University Edition (Full Set of 4)

Condition:  Mint

Collectors Vault Item, PLEASE READ!

This product is being sold to help raise capital for The Yo-Yo Shop. The Yo-Yo Shop will soon stock and sell products from most skill toy manufacturers and in order to get business rolling with minimal debt and/or financing we will be selling many items from our personal collection. Your purchase of this or other items from our collectors vault will help us with the following:

1) Place our initial inventory of products from several manufacturers. Our goal is to sell every product that each manufacturer produces and to keep them in stock as much as possible. We are not going into business to only carry whats hot at any given time. We want to supply yo-yo and skill toy players with a wide selection of products from all manufacturers, at great prices, at all times.

2) Securing a homebase/office/retail location located in the Orlando, Florida area. This location will serve as a physical storefront/office that our customers can pickup orders placed online, or browse our selection in person. This location will also serve as a location for local yo-yo and skill toy club meets.


Fine Print, Must read before purchasing:

This product is from Brandon Jackson’s personal collection and is a very rare and discontinued product. All sales are final, no returns, refunds, or exchanges will be accepted. By purchasing this product you agree that you have read the product’s description and condition listed above.