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The Fiesta is back and returns as the new re-designed and evolved Fiesta XX Signature series of four-time Offstring US National Champion Bryan Figueroa. Learn all the basic offstring tricks faster and blow the competition away as the Fiesta XX is geared for the best in advanced play too!

Why is Fiesta XX next level? Glad you asked. Team YoYoJam’s Bryan Figueroa is one of the fastest and most innovative players out there. He requires an offstring yo-yo built for stability, spin, and durability. Without a doubt the Fiesta XX delivers all of this and more in a big way. Changes to this new model include some much needed weight added and a new shape built for better control and grinds!

Molded completely out of celcon, the Fiesta XX is as durable as they come and provides an excellent slick surface. The mirror caps are inset deeper into the yo-yo to ensure durability without sacrificing spin dynamics. Players will find that for competition there is no better choice then the Fiesta XX as it executes regenerations, whips, and floats across the string like no other offstring yoyo you have thrown.

This all celcon model is something completely new and different for offstring yo-yos and is an excellent choice whether you are just starting or already advanced. The Fiesta XX is easily the best yo-yo on the market to start learning offstring. It comes complete with the new solid spin axle system and silicone response for stable long spin and good regeneration and bind capability.

With Bryan Figueroa’s name on it, you can expect the Fiesta XX to deliver the very best in performance and to quickly become the standard in offstring play.



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