One Drop Markmont Classic

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Product Description

Mark’s description of the yoyo and the process to create it:
“The Markmont. Classic is the brain baby of this oldschool(ish) player mixed with the genius of more then 4 generations of yo-yo advancement and the build expertise of David Metz and Shawn Nelson. The idea was to make a yo-yo that could sit next to the throws of past and still hold its own weight as a ‘classic’. To re-interpret the classic organic butterfly shape but meet the modern day throw play standards. Ultimately, this was a massive feat to accomplish that would eat up quite a bit more brain juice then anticipated, but in the end, the result is exactly as it was intended to be play wise and even aesthetic wise. A far departure from the original Markmont. and Markmont. Next throws, but still nodding to certain specific details like the flat outer faces of the rims and the stylized side effects to match the Markmont. Next to keep it in the family.”

All editions are bead blasted and ship with 2 sets of Markmont Classic Side Effects (brass installed and clear anodized aluminum in the box).

The Collector’s Edition comes in a large 4×4″ box with the addition of a signed book and some stickers and a pin. See photo. These will be limited to 100 units ever made.

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Standard Rust, Standard Clearly Red