Duncan Ignite Yo-Yos (Bulk Qty. 50)


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Duncan Ignite Yo-Yos (Bulk Qty. 50 Units)

This product has been setup exclusively for Michael Warsawsky. These yo-yos are for an event taking place at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. A demonstrator (Noel Kunz) is included in this purchase to entertain & perform yo-yo tricks during this event on April 15th 2017 from 2:30pm through 3:15pm.


The Duncan Ignite is a beginner-level looping yo-yo combining the Brake Pad Technology of the acclaimed Bumblebee with the replaceable wooden axle of the classic ProYo. Essentially, it is a wooden-axle version of the Bumblebee, and has its own soft feeling. Like with the ProYo, they are also used for promotions, such as the National Yo-Yo Museum, Spinworkx, and even the successful computer-animated film, Despicable Me 2.