YoYoJam Pinnacle


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Product Description

Yo-Yoing is in constant evolution and one of the growing styles of play is counterweight. This style has quickly become one of the most competitive divisions at contests around the world and for good reason. It is very impressive!

Think you are ready to jump into counterweight play? YoYoJam has you covered. The Pinnacle is an all-new plastic yo-yo officially licensed by Duncan toys for counterweight play and comes with a dice counterweight to get you started fast. The shape is perfect for counterweight with a sharp profile and well-distributed weight across the entire body.

Of course when it comes to counterweight play yo-yos do get dropped and the Pinnacle is built with this in mind. It is constructed from high impact celcon and the now standard Solid Spin axle system gives it the strong build it needs to take an impact. This can help you easily learn without worrying about your yo-yo breaking!

Comes standard with a chrome bearing that can be easily upgraded to a Speed Bearing for more advanced play. It also comes with YoYoJam silicone pads installed and a Duncan Dice counterweight. The Pinnacle can help get you to the top of your counterweight game and impress those around you!