Duncan Skyhawk Off-String Yo-Yo

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Product Description

Choice of 2014 4a US National Yo-Yo Champion Zac Rubino and one of the most highly anticipated offstring yo-yos of the past several years, Skyhawk has launched! Skyhawk is a top performing, 4a machine. Perfect for the beginner to professional player, Skyhawk is not too light, not too heavy, not too big, and not too little. It is the “goldilocks” of the offstring yo-yos offering a just right feel for just about any yo-yo player. Molded from durable plastic, Skyhawk boasts a wide v-shaped desgn with a slight step. It’s wide shape allows easy string catches while it’s diameter is perfectly formed to allow for easy maneurverability in complex combos. Unlike most offstring yo-yos Skyhawk boasts a unique metal ring design, dramatically increasing both spin time and stability. Perhaps the coolest feature is found within the yo-yo itself, Skyhawk comes with a unique spacer system; simply flip the spacers and you can switch from a size c bearing to a size a bearing for those who prefer a small, or large sized bearing!

Additional Information


Translucent Red, Opaque White, Edge Glow, Translucent Blue