44RPM The Penny Flatpack Kendama

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The Penny is a player-oriented update to the Flatpack Kendama. This toy expands on the lasercut fun of the original with the addition of slots to press fit pennies on the cups & the tama. This increases by the weight by a full 66%, making it easier than ever to land crazy tricks.

Like the original Flatpack Kendama, the Penny reexamines the classic toy through the lens of a playable model kit, lasercut from a single flat piece of wood. Pop the pieces out & fit them together to build a beautiful & highly functional kendama, great for both expanding your collection & sharpening your skills.

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5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for 44RPM The Penny Flatpack Kendama

  1. 5 out of 5


    I definitely think this should be restocked. I bought one and it’s so amazing and fun to even play. Most of the pennies you need to put in are held with friction and a nice fit. You may need help to put the pieces together as I found it does take some force but that was expected. Very amazing would definitely love to see more players like myself have this unique Kendama. Would however have some superglue just in case your pennies don’t perfectly fit. Also comes with string

  2. 5 out of 5


    I ordered one of the last of these kendamas and if anyone who works at yo-yoshop sees this please have these restocked. It’s such a fun and unique Kendama and I wish more players like me could have the opportunity to try this. The only flaw when building this Kendama is you will need some force to put the pieces together but that’s expected with any wooden 3D puzzle. Most of the pennies I used for in PERFECTLY and it’s so satisfying. I do however need to say I would have some superglue or even cheap regular school glue because some of the last pennies will be loose. The tama is the hardest part at least for me because I forgot to put the pennies in on one side so if you get in that situation please don’t get frustrated and possibly break it, just get some pliers and you will be fine. Such a creative Kendama absolutely love it. (It does come with instructions on the back and a string)

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