Duncan Torque

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Product Description

Full-sized, wide, and powerful. These are just a few words to describe Duncan’s newest offering, Torque. Built from the ground up, Torque is a yo-yo that is truly worthy of Duncan’s 85 year pedigree.

Comfortably sitting in the hand, the Torque’s stepped profile draws attention to its rich anodize. Its design is the result of a careful balancing act of opposites: at once fast yet powerful, agile yet full-sized, the Torque is a yo-yo that can and will do it all. High speed combos, technical tricks, or sideways maneuvers, Torque is a yo-yo built for the demands of modern day play. The performance is double what you need for a price at half of what you would expect, Torque is a yo-yo that can, and will exceed your expectations.

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Red, Blue, Gray, Silver, Pink, Gold