CLYW Kodiak Releases 5/18 at 10PM EST

CLYW Kodiak Releases 5/18 at 10PM EST

We're excited to announce that Tessa Piccillo's new Mono-Metal CLYW signature model Kodiak will be released this Thursday 5/18 at 10pm EST!

---From CLYW---

The new Kodiak is a monometal signature model for 2014 Women's Division World Champion, Tessa Piccillo!

Updated from bi-metal to a monometal design, the new Kodiak features elements from the Arctic Circle series and Manatee and has been adapted to monometal to make it more affordable and accessible to new players. The new Kodiak has a floaty and almost weightless feeling, and is a great all-around throw. 

Ships with CBC Center Trac bearing.

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