CLYW's Klondike Releases 7/27 at 10pm EST!

CLYW's Klondike Releases 7/27 at 10pm EST!

Clyw's Klondike releases 7/27 at 10pm! Considered to be CLYW's highest performance yo-yo yet, these are no joke and play amazing! Klondike will be available in three colorways, 28 Stories, Hulk Smash, And Deep Blue.

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The Klondike might be the best competition-focused return top CLYW has ever made.

CLYW has always had a great relationship with National Yo-Yo Master Hironori Mii and the rest of the folks from Rewind. Japan is CLYW's largest return top market outside of the US and Rewind has long been a champion of CLYW, helping players understand the CLYW brand and helping them understand the Japanese market. So when Steve asked what CLYW models the Japanese players preferred for contests, and and Hiro said "none", CLYW knew they had some work to do. 

CLYW sent the CAD file for the Wildfire over and said "This is currently our best competition model. How can you make it better?" Rewind worked with SUS YOYO MECHANICS to re-imagine the Wildfire and what came back was a completely different beast. The results was stunning. CLYW's team raved over the prototypes and they knew they had something special. 

The Klondike is what happens when you trust your friends. CLYW is so grateful to Rewind for all their support over the years, and they cannot wait for you to try the Klondike. It's CLYW's most amazing collaboration yet. 

Diameter: 55.6 mm
Width: 45.1 mm
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing: Center Trac
Response: Snow Tires

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