One Drop Reboot - Launching 5/29

One Drop Reboot - Launching 5/29

One Drop's all new "Reboot" is launching on Monday 5/29!

From One Drop:

Our first yo-yo, the Project, released in 2007. It was born in an exciting and experimental time in the yo-yo world and had some unique features like the replaceable axle system and “Projection Profile” grooves. Sixteen years later, thanks to all of you supporting us, we’re still here and still making yo-yos. It’s been quite the ride.

The Project is a yo-yo we keep revisiting in various ways because it seems like we did something right on that first attempt. In 2008 there was the Markmont Project. A year later in 2009 the Project 2 was released. The next time was the Markmont Next in 2010. It was until 2015 when team member Ryosuke was due for a signature yo-yo and he wanted to modernize the Project. The Rebirth is bigger than the Project and has Side Effects. It became the definitive version of the Project for the last 8 years.

Ryosuke correctly suggested it was time again to do more. The Reboot is here. Looking at the catch zone, it looks identical to a Rebirth. However, there are significant changes: It is made out of 7075 aluminum alloy, is “Boosted” (a 7075 version of a yo-yo that weighs less even though 7075 alloy weighs more than 6061 alloy), and has new beautiful “Projection Profile” grooves in the cup.
The Reboot weighs 3 grams less than the Rebirth coming in at 63.4 grams with Ultra Lights.

Base Weight: 60.1 grams
Shipping Weight: 63.5 grams with aluminum Ultra Light Side Effects: Width: 42.9 mm
Diameter: 53.00 mm
Stock Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.3 mm
Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Alloy: 7075 Aluminum
Finish: Pyramatte (tm)
Axle System: Side Effects
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