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Caribou Lodge

Caribou Lodge Dune Yo-Yo (Anthony Rojas Signature Model)

Caribou Lodge Dune Yo-Yo (Anthony Rojas Signature Model)

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The Dune is the signature return top for Anthony Rojas!
Designed by Chris Mikulin to incorporate all of Anthony's favorite features in a return top. The curves, both on the profile and inner cup of this return top, speak directly to Anthony's own design sensibilities. Drawing on past return tops that Anthony has competed with but refined to truly fit his tricks, the Dune carries forth a new level of playability for Anthony with plenty of that Caribou Lodge style you've come to love.
Anthony and Chris worked closely to get this one *just right* and Caribou Lodge hopes you love it as much as they do!

This special Artist Edition Dune has a new colorway based on Anthony's own photography. The pin colors reflect that, and included with the return top are custom strings. We collaborated with Zipline Strings to produce a blend that complimented Anthony's play style and accentuated the speed of the Dune, and produced them in colors that complimented the overall theme. Included with each yoyo is also a 5" x 7" print of the original photo that inspired the colorway.

Dune Specs:

Diameter - 55.8 mm
Width - 41.4 mm
Weight - 68 grams
Bearing - Pixel Bearing
Response - Snow Tires

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