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Turner Return Tops

Turner Return Tops - Isthmus Yo-Yo

Turner Return Tops - Isthmus Yo-Yo

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For Turner Return Tops' sophomore release, They are proud to present to you: Isthmus.  A full sized, pocket friendly, slim line power house packed with stability and power...spin time for daaays!!!

This project is near and dear to Bruce from Turner Return Tops, as slim line yoyos are one of his absolute favorite form factors.

Turner Return Tops originally received the first prototypes along with the production run of the Buoy! and began testing immediately.  Over the course of several months, this was practically the only yoyo Bruce played (other than some nice new things here and there...oh and other slim yoyos to contrast and compare!)

Now, this wasn't the only prototype they received with the Buoy!'s, but it became their absolute favorite right away.  David Chapman started throwing horizontal with this slimline on the first day, crazy!  Grant Nichols said after the first month or so that it hadn't left his pocket as a daily carry.

After listening to feedback from the Turner Return Top team and others, they decided the weight distribution and profile were right on the mark for the purpose of this design: stability, power, spin time, and pocket-ability.

Each Isthmus comes equipped with our favorite Round Spinning Objects Type 40 Landing Pads and a Zipline Skyline III string.  Each box will also include a limited edition TRT POG and sticker!


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